Haitian Flag & Heritage Month Celebration

With more than 50 years of history at the Jersey Shore, Haitian-Americans have a lot to celebrate. Join us for a day of music, fun, food, and celebration of the finest among us.

Prepare to be delighted by talented musicians, dancers, singers and speakers, both local, and from across New Jersey.

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A Special Thanks to Our Past Corporate and Individual Sponsors!

  • Rev. Sony Augustin
  • Mr. Louis Fabien
  • Mrs. Diane Hathaway
  • Mr. Paolo Jean-Marie
  • Mr. Anel & Mrs. Nazette Michel
  • Mr. Jean Vilard Saraison
  • Mrs. Marilyn Schlossbach
  • Mr. Christopher Laurent
  • Marline Edmond
  • Trinity Episcopal Church
  • VNA Health Group- School Based Youth Services Program
  • 2 For Care Early Childhood Learning Center
  • AnnieMac Mortgage (Mr. Raymond Morgan)
  • Anonymous Family
  • Cellvangelist.com
  • Pastor Nazaire and Mrs. Marie Chantal Corrielus
  • Ms. Loretta Dumas
  • First United Methodist Church of Asbury Park
  • Good News Foundation
  • Ms. Soucarina Lezin
  • Langosta Lounge
  • Living Word Christian Fellowship
  • Nan-Baz Convenience Store
  • Mr. Jeff Richter
  • Subway of Neptune
  • The Hook Up Avenue
  • Tijo’s Kreyol Kitchen
  • Zoe Home Health Aide Services
  • VNA Health Group- School Based Youth Services Program
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