The New Jersey  and Haiti sister chapters are comprised of people from all walks of life – dynamic professionals and business people, students, homemakers, and retirees.

What brings the volunteers together is the opportunity to brainstorm, develop, and initiate projects and events that mutually benefit both sides of the partnership.

Activities open to the public include educational, cultural and social events.

When members of either chapter travels to visit each other, they are graciously hosted in each other’s private homes.

Economical? Yes! But more importantly, this type of personal interaction forms the cornerstone of our dedication over the last 40 years.

While historically the focus of our organization has been to foster people-to-people exchanges rather than direct aid, the New Jersey and Haiti chapters collaborated with other organizations to provide direct relief to victims of the 2010 earthquake:

  • Organizations supplying water, food and other basic supplies in the camps
  • Medical supplies for the cholera outbreak
  • Apprenticeship and training scholarships
  • School building repair

There is no limit of opportunities for participation.

Interested individuals are always welcome to originate new ideas and activities.

NJ-Haiti Partners provides its members with the unique opportunity to travel.

Locales include Latin America and the Caribbean to attend the annual Partners of the Americas Convention, as well as to Haiti for specific initiatives.

The annual convention is an excellent opportunity to network with volunteers from across the hemisphere.