Youth health initiative, habitation pagesse:

This project took place in Pagesse, section communal of Boucan carre near Mirebalais from January 14 to march 31, 2022. This project was carred out for about 180  people 76 women and 104 men, of differents group of age and from various institution in the arree ( church, School, organisations…).

Map pran avni m an men:

The Haiti New Jersey Partners of the Americas has brought its “Map pran avni m an men” project, from the Youth Engagement and Empowerment Activity Follow On (YEEPA) program, running from March 1 to August 31, 2023.

This project enabled 107 young girls and boys to benefit from sustained training in Life Skills, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Psychosocial Coaching, Non-Formal Basic Education, Industrial Chemistry, Cooking, and Pastry-making.

On July 12th, 2020, the Haiti New Jersey chapter distributed food kits and hygiene kits to 3rd Church age people on the rock

Haiti New Jersey Partners organized a water purifier distribution session in concert with Konbit Plastik, an institution that works for a plastic waste-free Haiti in, this activities took place in “Ti Miska”, a locality in the municipality of Kenscoff, Pagesse in Boucan Carre where the population does not have access to drinking water, We organized a training session on the use of water purifiers before distributing them. Nearly 300 families benefit from the purifiers and tap buckets.

Back to school in Haiti is always difficult for parents, Haiti New Jersey partners have distributed  around 200 school kits for students at the Redevance et Espoir school in Kenscoff

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