Imagine a woman born in a country and getting her birth certificate without any problems. Imagine her 4 kids being born in that same country and their birth certificates are also issued without any problems. Then, sometime later, the courts rule that she should have never been granted citizenship, based on laws that were changed and made retroactive 86 years.
Residents of New Jersey, make your voices heard on the humanitarian crisis involving Dominicans of Haitian descent. Encourage your representatives in the New Jersey legislature to support resolution SR134.

  1. Download the template that was emailed, LetterToNJLegislators.docx, and open it in Microsoft Word.
  2. Insert your name and mailing information, and change the date.
  3. From the “Mailings” tab, scroll through the list of New Jersey legislators, to select yours, then print the letter to mail it to them.
  4. The template allows you to change the language into your own words.
  5. To generate letters to all 149 district offices of every New Jersey Legislator, click on “Finish and Merge.”

Click on New Jersey Legislators.pdf to view the complete list of legislative offices and their phone numbers.

To read the language of the resolution click SR 134_I1.PDF.

Sign the petition to bring this to the attention of the White House by August 25: